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Meet Your Candlemaker!

Hi friends! My name is Jenni, and I thought it was time to introduce you to the lady behind the wax. I live with my husband Adam, our two children Jackson (7) and Nora (5), and our senior dog Buster (14) in Omaha, Nebraska, where I was born and raised. I absolutely love my city, and I'm proud to be able to raise our family here.
Some of my favorite things in the world are:
1. Travel! If I could take a vacation every month I would. Some of my favorite places that I have been are Alaska, Cinque Terre, Italy, and of course the Caribbean (because who wouldn't love that?). I am the happiest when I'm at the beach, although living smack dab in the middle of the country doesn't allow for that to happen very often.
2. Creating! I love making things, especially with my kids. Aside from being a candlemaker, I also have an Etsy shop selling digital downloads, so if you need a fun print for your home or office, I'm your gal. Shameless plug time:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/DeerlyYoursDesign
3. Food! I love going out to eat with family, friends, really anyone who will go with me. There's something to be said about eating something delicious and not having to make it yourself.
4. Animals! My goal in life is to have enough land to have all the dogs, goats, llamas, and chickens that my little heart desires. I always tell my husband I want to have a dog circus, but for some reason he doesn't share that dream with me. 
That's just a little bit about me, thank you for visiting and I look forward to helping you make your space smell amazing!